Fun Factor Activity

Give math class a rocket boost.

Instead of an ordinary number line, kids fly planes down a glowstick runway. Instead of struggling with numerators and denominators, kids cut hand-drawn faces into squares to connect fractions with decimals. Instead of dull grids, kids line up grassy squares of cows to explore area and perimeter.

We all had a crazy pandemic year. Let’s make the most of learning time, both this summer and next school year.

Fun Factor will reignite your students’ love of numbers and bring them to mastery.

Bring Fun Factor to your school.
Fun Factor Activity

Make it hands-on to accelerate learning.

Each dynamic activity knits together multiple skills and standards in a single lesson, enabling teachers to give students as much or as little time as they need to master each concept. By providing multiple entry points, we give every student the thrill of victory.

“Reminding us of the effectiveness of ‘play’ in instruction was invaluable!”

GEORGE REGAN / Math Academic Support Instructor / Lawrenceville, NJ

Fun Factor Activity

Make it engaging.

After a lonely year, now kids can bond over dynamic, social math activities and interact with math on a whole new level.

“Our new superintendent came over and watched with the first graders. He was down on the floor engaged with them and amazed at the strategies, reasoning and math language they were using.”

CAROL MUDD/ Math Support & Intervention Specialist / Monroe City, MO

Fun Factor Activity

Make it memorable.

Let’s face it – school is competing against social media and video games. Why not give kids math that makes a lasting impression?

“I thought of math as the worst subject, but after Fun Factor, it wasn’t that way. It made me change the way I see math.”

3rd Grader / Westfield, NJ

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