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Learning takes more than lectures and worksheets. Let’s snap math into action.

Even before the pandemic, math wasn’t working for everybody. Lectures and worksheets can go only so far to engage kids and bring them to mastery.

The pandemic is our chance to change course. Fun Factor is our groundbreaking offering that brings K-5 math to life in students’ hands. Each colorful, hands-on activity knits together multiple standards, covering what used to require days of teaching.

We empower K-5 teachers to:

We provide teachers, all at no cost:

Any K-5 teacher currently employed at a public elementary or accredited private school in the U.S. can participate. Registration is free and required for each training session. After attending each session, we’ll donate all the materials teachers need to bring our math activities to life with their students.

Questions about Fun Factor? Find the answers on our FAQ page.

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