Frequently Asked Questions

Fun Factor is Bedtime Math’s classroom offering designed to complement any K-5 math curriculum. Fun Factor brings math to life with visual, tactile activities designed to help students solidify their understanding of the fundamentals and accelerate learning. Developed in consultation with Columbia Teachers College, Fun Factor gives kids the thrill of victory as they master important concepts. 

Experiencing math through play activates regions of the brain that enable students to solidify math concepts that they don’t always grasp from worksheets. It also deepens their understanding and appreciation for math. It has been shown that math anxiety impedes learning. Hands-on play can reduce math anxiety, empowering students to achieve.

All activities address key grade-specific concepts, yet are designed to serve all students in the class, with variations that incorporate above- and below-grade level skills. We zero in on mathematical operations and concepts that many kids struggle with including place value, multiplication, division, fractions, and fluency with factors.

Activities can be purchased a la carte for groups of 4 students. Bedtime Math subsidizes the majority of the cost of Fun Factor as part of our nonprofit mission. Prices range from $3.95 to $15.95 and include free shipping with additional discounts available for qualified educators.

Teachers receive high-quality hands-on materials serving all their students, packaged for small groups. In addition, they will receive  digital resources, including simple instructions to use during classtime. Hands-on student materials vary from activity to activity, but may include items such as wax sticks, glowsticks, and colorful gameboards, and handouts printed on paper or cardstock.

Video tutorials are included with the purchase of each activity. The videos provide more detail about the math explored in each lesson and demonstrate highlights of the game. We also offer an introductory PD for an entire school or district which can be customized to meet your needs. Please contact for more information.

Each Fun Factor activity explores one or two key skills in progressively more challenging layers, enabling teachers to give students as much or as little time as they need to master each concept. Lessons can be covered over a few days or spread out over weeks. Materials also can be brought home to continue the learning.

Absolutely! Fun Factor can ignite excitement about math for your entire school or district. If you are interested please email for more information on pricing and support.

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