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Grade 3


Cows on the mooove! Students explore area and perimeter by building rectangular cow-patterned “farms”. They learn that the same length fence can surround very different size fields.

Includes instructions and hands-on materials. Available in 2 pack sizes.

Activity Details

Math skills covered

  • Find the area of a rectangle by multiplying side lengths (3.MD.C.7.a)
  • Support students in understanding perimeter (3.MD.D.8)
  • Exhibit rectangles with the same perimeter and different areas or with the same area and different perimeters (3.MD.D.8)


What’s included

Digital resources

  • Teacher Guide for Grade 3

Hands-on materials (for 4 students or 24 students)

  • Pack of 1″ cow tiles, 100 pieces (classroom pack includes 6 packs)
  • Pack of wax sticks (classroom pack includes 6 packs)