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Grade 5


Science meets art meets math. Students overlap colorful cellophane squares to multiply a fraction by a fraction – and discover that red, yellow and blue are NOT the primary colors!

Includes instructions and hands-on materials for a small group of 4 students.

Activity Details

Math skills covered

  • Multiply a fraction by a whole number or fraction (5.NF.B.4b)
  • Understand outcomes when multiplying by a fraction less than vs. greater than 1 (5.NF.B.5)

What’s included

Digital resources

  • Teacher Guide for Grade 5
  • Display Slides for Grade 5

Hands-on materials (for 4 students)

  • Pack of student grid printouts
  • Pack of 6″x6″ cellophane sheets in 3 colors (magenta, cyan, yellow), 12 pieces