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Off the Charts

Grades K-3


Go gaga over graphs! Students make giant graphs on the floor using real-life objects to sort, count, generate and analyze data. Older grades scale up,  creating bar graphs to quantify attributes of the data set.

Instructional bundle for Grades K-3. Manipulatives not included.

Activity Details

Math skills covered

  • Classify objects into given categories; count the numbers of objects in each category and sort the categories by count (K.MD.B.3)
  • Count to answer “how many?” questions about as many as 20 things (K.CC.B.5)
  • Compare numbers. Identify whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group (K.CC.C.6)
  • Organize data in different ways (1.MD.C.4)
  • Answer questions about data (1.MD.C.4)
  • Draw a picture graph and a bar graph with single-unit scale to represent a data set (2.MD.D.10)
  • Solve simple put-together, take-apart, and compare problems using information presented in a bar graph (2.MD.D.10)
  • Draw scaled bar graphs (3.MD.B.3)
  • Solve problems using information presented in scaled and bar graphs (3.MD.B.3)

What’s included

Digital resources

  • Teacher Guides for Grades K-3
  • Display Slides for Grades K-3